TSG has had the opportunity through staff and partners to support important companies in the development and promotion of projects in different sectors, for example in the Oil and Petrochemical sector in "turnkey" projects for the construction of offshore platforms, submarine duct laying, methanol plant building, hydrogen sweetening plants, among many others.

In the Gas and Energy Generation sector, TSG has supported projects involving the installation and operation of natural gas networks for urban zones.

And in the sector of Infrastructure, Water and the Environment, TSG has participated in project that involve the installation, operation and administration of water distribution networks in urban areas; construction and operation of industrial water treatment plants for refineries, waste water treatment state plants, maintenance of water distribution networks and drainage networks in metropolitan zones modernization and expansion of the metropolitan water system, among other outstanding projects.

Likewise, in other industrial sectors such as the Mining sector, TSG has supported also important "turnkey" projects, as the constriction of precious metal and copper electrolytic plants.

Transportation of oil by-products at international level Today, all these projects represent a significant part of TSG specialized knowledge and experience.

Some of these companies and projects in the different specialization sectors of TSG have been: